Mental Wellbeing is a Journey

28th March 2022

Creating  Hexagon Hive took me back to my travelling days

In my quest to shape and start Hexagon Hive, I kept thinking about how much my travelling experiences in my younger years underpin my approach to life and my new business:

  • You don’t always need a map of where you are going in order to get there
  • Think positively, things always have a way of working out
  • Stay determined, but be adaptable
  • Solutions will come, trust your instincts
  • Enjoy the journey!

This approach has got me through every stage of my life, most recently navigating the juggles and uncertainties of the Covid pandemic.

You don’t always need a map of where you are going in order to get there

I was lucky enough to travel ‘the world’ with my friend Sarah. We did this on a tight budget, but with unwavering faith that everything will work out alright in the end.  A highlight was climbing to Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal – a six day trek.

We didn’t have enough money for a tour guide, but were confident we could do it ourselves. How hard could it be? So we set off in trainers and small backpacks, with pages out of our Lonely Planet book and headed up the mountain. 

Sam in Nepal

Think positively, things always have a way of working out

We didn’t think you needed money to climb the mountain so within a short space of time we realised that we didn’t have enough to pay for the tea huts accommodation along the way. Luckily, an American heard our quandary of whether we would need to turn back and offered to lend us the money. So we continued.

Stay determined, but be adaptable

We set off on our path and heard someone calling to us to tell us we were going the wrong way – heading into snow leopard territory. One potential disaster averted, we carried on with our light backpacks,  yet what we hadn’t factored in was enough clothing and thick sleeping bags for the freezing temperatures at night. Our solution was to share a sleeping bag to double the warmth!

Solutions will come, trust your instincts

The experience was unforgettable and very challenging at times, especially when walking in snow at altitude. But it was made better by the fact it was a challenge and we did it all by ourselves, ill-prepared and ill-equipped, having fun along the way.

I’m now at the start of a new adventure with the launch of Hexagon Hive. I have a vision and plan of how I would like the organisation to develop, but I know that in reality that path may look somewhat different to my plan.

I do know I will get to where I’m meant to be.

Enjoy the journey!

I’m looking forward to embarking on the new journey, training and supporting people to understand and tackle mental health issues and promote mental wellbeing. I want the training to have a positive impact on their lives and their loved ones, friends and colleagues. 

I will be embracing new opportunities and I know there will be challenges along the way. However, I’m determined to meet them head on, learn and evolve, but most importantly, I will enjoy the journey.

If you would like to know more about the courses or you’re interested in some bespoke training, call me on 01273 978454, email or get in touch via the website enquiry form.