Helping Leaders to Thrive

When you thrive, you help your team to thrive. And that’s why we provide services to support you as a leader. You are supporting your team, but who is supporting you? Running a business can feel lonely. It can be hard to know if you are making the right decisions. And if you are putting measures in place, how do you know they are working. That’s where our mentoring and mental health and wellbeing audits come in.

Bespoke Training

Executive Mentoring

Sam Thomson, the CEO and Founder of Hexagon Hive is a trained business mentor. Where there is uncertainty, she helps you gain clarity. She can help you identify your challenges and help you identify implementable solutions. Be they wellbeing, cultural, growth or just a bit of support, Sam has the skills to help you overcome them. Why not arrange an informal chat? It might just be the best call you ever make!

Mental Health Audits

The Hexagon Hive Mental Health and Wellbeing Audit is a bespoke tool to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. By taking a holistic view of your workplace, it helps you assess which measures are working and identify where to focus your efforts. As a founder and company director, leading a team of 150+ people, Sam understands the challenges leaders’ face. Her audit process is supportive, collaborative and sensitive. She will meet you and your team, conduct an assessment, provide recommendations & deliver an action plan. Give yourself some peace of mind by conducting your audit today!

What our customers say

From the moment I met Sam, I had an enormous amount of respect for her as a professional. Mental Health is an area that a lot of people still find difficult to tackle in the workplace (and outside of it too!), but Sam's calm and relaxing demeanour and expert advice really makes it easier to approach as an employer - and has been instrumental in some of the practices I've put in place as I grow my business - I know that she'll long remain a partner of ours in years to come.
Jeremy - Datacove
Sam has been supporting me as I plan for my new business. The process has been extremely helpful in guiding me to think about my priorities as I consider the tasks needed to help me launch. I have really valued her genuine interest in my business aspirations and have benefited from her knowledge and expertise of building her own successful businesses. Sam is a wonderful asset for helping shape any new venture!
Zena - Haven Pyschology