Brite Report – Hexagon Hive’s Impact

1st June 2023

I am grateful to have been part of the Brite Pioneers Programme – Innovation through Collaboration in conjunction with Plus X Innovation and the University of Brighton. This article was included in the Brite Impact Report.

Being in her first year of running her business, Sam was attracted to the exciting innovation proposition of the Pioneers programme. As a founder, she wanted to meet other people and feel part of a business community, and Pioneers ticked all the boxes.

Her experience on the programme has been hugely beneficial for Sam. The expert-guided sessions have helped to transform and shape Hexagon Hive’s offering, which has become more defined and purpose-led since her time on Pioneers in 2022. In particular, the session with Low Carbon Leaders helped Sam realise that small businesses still have a part to play regarding the environment. She has since changed Hexagon Hive’s bank account and phone providers to more eco-conscious providers, planted a tree for every person trained, and prioritises working with businesses whose values align with the ethical choices she is making for her business.

Sam’s participation in the programme has seen her extend and deepen her networks, making meaningful business connections that are helping her business grow. She is now ready to scale and is laying the foundations to prepare the company for this. She successfully ran a new workshop about the menopause within educational settings, using her experience as a teacher to guide the session. Having trialled this with a school in North Wales, Sam hopes to roll this out nationwide.