Our founder

Sam Thomson is an award-winning former CEO, teacher and trainer, and founder of Hexagon Hive.

She feels very passionate about mental health and believes that Hexagon Hive’s training has a really positive impact – both on the lives of those being supported and also those learning to offer the right support, “as it enables them to better support colleagues, friends, family and loved ones, both now and in the future, so that they can have a really positive impact on the world.”

“Hexagon Hive is founded on the principles of support and empowerment.”

Hexagon Hive Founder Sam Thomson


Creating a happy, resilient, understanding and understood society which enables individuals to thrive.

Aims and aspirations

Sam’s aim is for clients to recommend Hexagon Hive to their colleagues, business connections and friends having had a really positive experience with the company themselves, which has transformed the way they interact with and support others – both in the workplace and beyond.

She wants people to keep coming back to Hexagon Hive, to advance their knowledge and keep up with all the latest developments and techniques.

She will continually expand the range of courses available, in line with people’s needs and aspirations for their workplace.

A unique approach

Having supported employees’ wellbeing in her position as CEO of a large workforce, Sam is tuned in to the range of nuances and issues commonly encountered in the workplace.

She has an extensive knowledge of the training matter and is qualified in:

• Mental Health First Aid Instructor Course

• Menopause in the Workplace 

• Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Corporate experience

As Founder and Joint CEO of a childcare company in Brighton and Hove, Sam went from running every aspect of the business from home, to managing a team of 150+ employees and a turnover of £1.5 million.

She also has teaching experience, having been a Primary School Teacher for four years , before becoming an Adult Learning Qualified Trainer (ALQT).

Having qualified as an ALQT, Sam organised and ran training days for 100+ people, delivering keynote addresses, workshops and training sessions. These sessions covered skills including (but by no means limited to) leadership and management, team development,  induction training,  education and play theory.

Her award-winning status follows a triumph in the Brighton and Hove Business Awards, for Business in the Community.

Sam’s work with and for Hexagon Hive combines all these skills to provide a dynamic, engaging experience for all attendees.


When creating Hexagon Hive, it was important to Sam that her values were both reflected and prevalent.

The West Pier, Brighton
  • Integrity – I always aim to do the right thing and weigh up all the information before trying to make the best decision.
  • Fairness – I grew up with two sisters and my parents ensured that everything was fair and that has followed through into my adult life. I can’t help myself, it’s ingrained!
  • Support – Helping and supporting my family, friends and colleagues is very important to me.
  • Empathy and Compassion – In life and work alike I have always tried to appreciate an individual’s personal situation and their experiences.
  • Hard Work – Whatever I set my heart on I work hard to make it a reality.
  • Fun – I love nothing more than having a giggle!
  • Solution Focussed – I am always thinking of new ideas and solutions – it’s a gift and a curse!
  • Positivity – I always look for the positives, even in the worst situations.
  • Perseverance and adaptability – I always see things through, however hard they may be, including running the London Marathon for charity with my sisters – it never entered our minds to give up.